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What is a natural rubber full rain shoe

In fact, for rain shoes, rubber, we are strange, but if the two combined, you have any understanding?
This time we introduce is rubber rain shoes, follow our footsteps to understand it.
In fact, rubber in the process of use is divided into many kinds, such as the early natural rubber, which is directly taken from the rubber tree of a latex, to the back with the rise of the chemical industry, the emergence of thermoplastic rubber, this is the composition of the material began to have a difference.
At present, we are mainly introducingNatural rubber full rain shoesThis is a rain shoe made of natural rubber, which can actually be taken from 2,000 different plants, and has been obtained from 500 of them, but the real practical value is the Brazilian clover rubber tree.
When the surface of the rubber tree is cut off, the milk tube in the bark is cut off and the latex flows out of the tree. Latex collected from rubber trees, after dilution, add edgy solidification, washing, and then pressed, drying, packaging, that is, the production of commercially available natural rubber. Natural rubber according to different rubber methods can be made into cigarette slivers, air-drying film, tablets, technical graded stickers and concentrated latex.
And after making this kind of raw materials, can also be applied to the needs of different industries, processing into different forms. And the material struck also follows the raw material itself excellent back elasticity, insulation, water isolation and plasticity and other characteristics, and, after proper treatment, also has oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and other valuable properties, so, has a wide range of uses.
And our rain shoes are one of the products. Give full play to the advantages of its raw materials themselves.